Skyways, the in-flight entertainment magazine exclusive to Airlink, is published with the business traveller in mind. Today, Airlink flies to more local destinations than any other airline, operating over 3,000 flights per month and servicing more than 25 destinations in Southern Africa.

Skyways is placed in the seat pocket of every passenger seat, and enjoys exclusivity on all flights. No newspapers or any other reading materials are distributed, unlike on other airlines. During flights, the pilot makes the passengers aware of Skyways as an in-flight publication. Our passenger profile represents 70% business and 30% leisure. Airlink carries more than 80,000 passengers every month, utilising a fleet of Jetstream 41 aircraft, ERJ 135 jet aircraft and BAe RJ85 aircraft.

Business Passengers are typically 95% regional business travellers, age 30 – 55, 65% male – 35% female, from the ranks of consultants, partner/directors, senior management, business owners, government officials and entrepreneurs. These passengers represent the top 500 listed Companies in South Africa, National and regional Government as well as the leading and innovative Small and Medium Enterprises (SME’s) of Southern Africa.

Leisure Passengers are typically seasonal travellers predominantly during December and January with a mix of local top-end market holiday makers and international luxury tourists through out the year.

Skyways is also distributed at check-in counters and VIP and Business lounges at airports. It is an advertising platform where your message will receive invaluable exposure to a truly targeted audience.

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