The Alternative Approach to office furniture

The subject of office furniture can be a tedious and boring affair and not something we take a great deal of notice of until it is affecting us in an adverse manner. You won’t hear anybody arrive home from work singing the praises of their office chair or the beauty and quality of their office desk, but there are plenty of spouses who have to put up with their partners bemoaning the problems of uncomfortable office furniture that gives you back ache or repetitive strain injury.

Some noises have been made around our office of late shouting about the alternative office furniture that the staff of Google are treated to. For example, there is a slide to get from one department to another, soft, padded chill-out areas and unusual looking ‘pods’ for carrying out meetings in bespoke surroundings. It could be that Google’s employees are high fliers that dedicate their lives to their work and so have to include a little fun in their everyday lives to prevent them from turning into complete anoraks – or am I just sounding bitter and twisted here?
It surely could not hurt any company to take another look at their office furniture and see what they could do to make staff and visitors have a wholly more enjoyable office experience and want to come back again. How could this be possible? Well, requests emanating from my floor at work suggest the use of a simple hammock that could be strung across a quiet corner for those after lunch forty winks.

Our boss, unsurprisingly, is not in favour of this suggestion, but I urge him to think again. Pushing ourselves to our limits for the whole afternoon is counter-productive. Ideas come with more of a struggle and work is done at a much slower pace. Better to have a power nap for 10 minutes and awake fully refreshed and ready for several more hours of grind at our optimum level.

Mandy from accounts has put forward the suggestion that we look to use office furniture as a way of brightening up our surroundings, in theory making us all happier and more enthusiastic about coming to work. This is a possibility, but I think the majority would want her preferred Barbie pink furniture to be reconsidered.
Dave from sales has requested points of interest to surround the office furniture. Specifically, he has asked for a model train track to surround his desk and also to have the option of a uniform similar to the fat controller. This could give you an inkling as to why Dave from sales has no friends.

For those with any other ideas on what we can do to brighten up our office – answers on a postcard please.

Text: Shaun Parker

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