Airlink celebrates millionth passenger milestone

On Sunday 18 August, Airlink carried its millionth passenger within the company’s financial year.

The lucky customer was Gary Whalley, who flew on board flight SA8742 from Pietermaritzburg to Johannesburg. Interestingly, Whalley is one of the airline’s Pietermaritzburg-based Friends of Airlink frequent flyers. He was presented with a bottle of champagne at the check-in counter by the Maritzburra station team.

The event marked a memorable first-time-ever accomplishment for Airlink. While perhaps not that significant for large major route airline operators, it has taken Airlink more than 21 years of plying the thinner routes with small-gauge aircraft to achieve this milestone.

Caption: Left to right:   Gareth McGahey, First Officer; Flight Attendant Salona Naidoo; Peter Paul Ngwenya (Chairman, Airlink);   Gary WhalleyAirlink’s 1,000,000th passenger ;  Flight Attendant Aneena Hurling;  Captain Bernd Jessnitz and Christine Smith Branch Manager

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