Luxury On Sail

Famous hotel offers aspirational opulence to its guests


The sail-shaped Burj Al Arab Jumeirah hotel is one of the architectural marvels that put Dubai on the world map. It’s regarded as a pinnacle of luxury, with a number of factors designed to make an unforgettable impression.

Roll in comfort

Burj Al Arab Jumeirah offers its own fleet of Rolls- Royces available for guests’ transfers to and from Dubai International Airport or around the emirate. For the ultimate arrival, guests can arrive by helicopter, landing on the iconic cantilevered helipad, suspended 212m
above sea level.

A leg up

Located on the 25th floor, Talise Spa at Burj Al Arab Jumeirah offers the exclusive Leg School. Known for its excellence in the prevention and cure of cellulite, water retention and all vascular problems in the legs, the unique programme has been developed over several years of practice and research to help improve blood circulation of the lower limbs.

Seaside sensation

The Burj Al Arab Jumeirah Terrace is a private 10,000m2 outdoor luxury leisure facility that stretches 100m out into the sea and is home to SAL Restaurant and two stunning pools. The private cabanas offer poolside facilities along with a dedicated butler service, a dining, beverage and bar menu, spa menu, fully stocked mini-bars, espresso machines, as well as a private bathroom, shower area and a verandah
overlooking the sea.

Star rating

The hotel’s signature restaurant, Al Muntaha, gained one Michelin star for its outstanding expertise and artistry in 2022. Serving up Italian cuisine by acclaimed Chef Saverio Sbaragli, the stunning restaurant was recognised for its harmony of flavours and spectacular setting overlooking the city and the Arabian Gulf.

Gildy feeling

The interiors are gilded in 24-carat gold, with approximately 2,000m2 of 24-carat gold leaf used to embellish the hotel’s layout.

A taste of treasure

Guests can indulge in a cappuccino sprinkled with 24-carat gold flakes. The hotel introduced The Ultimate Gold Cappuccino served at its Sahn Eddar lounge. The coffee is made using 100% Arabica beans, mixed with foamed milk that is then blended with 24-carat gold. The drink boasts the hotel’s sail-shaped design, and is served alongside a Grand Cru Guanaja – a chocolate marshmallow also sprinkled with gold.

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