Enlightening Expeditions

Expand your insight with visits to cultural sites in KwaZulu-Natal


Ntelezi Msani Heritage Centre in Mthwalume

This incredible arts and heritage facility offers visitors an authentic cultural experience, retelling the history of the Zulu nation through art, dance, seminars and musical performances.

Port Shepstone Cultural Maritime Museum

This seaside town has fantastic beaches, a great golf course, top restaurants and a must-visit museum, showcasing the diverse cultural and historical themes of the people and the area. There is an onsite amphitheatre, exhibition area featuring historical artefacts, gallery space and impressive archive.

KwaXolo Caves Adventures

Art, culture and history combine in the unmissable KwaXolo Caves. Once a series of protective shelters forthe San people, the lives of these ancient inhabitants are told in artwork within the caves. Visitors are led by a tourist guide along a steel cable-and-rung via ferrata system to the caves. New upgrades include a high wire bridge, 1km long zipline and walkway bridge.

Riverbend Art & Wine Gallery in Southbroom

Recognising the connection between fine art and good wine, Riverbend features a wonderful collection of fine estate wines in its extensive cellar, with the gallery featuring artworks by top South African artists such as Nils Anderson, Louis Audie, David Mbele, Billy Molokeng, Godfrey Ndaba, Diane Erasmus, Nicola Firth… and many others.

Margate Art Museum

The KZN South Coast is renowned for its artistic talent, which is on full display at the beautiful Margate Art Museum. There are ongoing workshops, talks, guided tours and incredible exhibitions throughout the year.

Munster Motor Museum & Classic Cars

Car enthusiasts are in for a treat at this museum, which features everything from 2- and 4-stroke internal combustion engines to rotary engines. Also on display are a variety of motoring and motor sports’ memorabilia and images; plus, there’s a library of historical artefacts, and even a nautical section showcasing naval and merchant ship models with illustrated stories of local shipwrecks.

Nightingale shipwreck in Trafalgar

On the subject of shipwrecks, this stretch of coast is the place to visit for those with an interest in tales from the sea. One great example is the 1933 Nightingale Shipwreck, a steam vessel that ran aground on the rocks of Glenmore Beach owing to the heavy fog.

São João shipwreck in Port Edward

That’s not the only shipwreck to explore in the area. Dating all the way back to 1552, the São João was returning to Portugal from India when it ran aground near Port Edward during a storm. Legend has it that some of the survivors assimilated with local tribes, the heritage of which is celebrated to this day through festivals, food and commemorative tributes. Visitors to Port Edward can visit the São João Monument, which was erected to commemorate the lost souls of the vessel.

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