Returning Home To Joburg Never Felt This Good!

After a great year-end holiday, you wake up. It’s Monday morning, and there’s a deadline looming. You’d love a cup of coffee to get you into gear, but it’s loadshedding – and, since the power outage has affected water supply, a pick-me-up shower is also out of the question…

Residents at the City Centre, Steyn City’s fl agship development, never have to face such scenarios. That’s because the ground-breaking property is equipped with generators and back-up water storage, which means that life continues as normal, even when loadshedding or water-shedding strike. The decision to include these features speaks to developers Steyn City Properties’ desire to create a destination that redefi nes luxury. Of course, luxury means different things to different people – for some, it’s about having all the very best fi ttings and features; to others, it means ensuring that whatever you need is immediately to hand (and the City Centre does, indeed, speak to both of these things – but more about that later). Luxury could also mean the absolute pleasure of having nothing to worry about: no concerns
about security, for example, which the City Centre is able to assure through its stringent security measures, including triple biometric access and an around-theclock front desk. And, increasingly, in the context of the challenges South Africans increasingly face, it means not having to put everything on hold because basic services have been cut.

But back to those fittings…

Design is a large part of what makes the City Centre so special. Not just the design of the apartments themselves, although that is certainly noteworthy: each of the apartments – whether one-, two-, three- or fourbedroomed, single- or double-storey – boasts bedrooms large enough to accommodate a king-size bed, along with wide passages and high ceilings to amplify the sense of spaciousness. Air conditioning and double glazing also come standard, as do integrated Gaggenau kitchens and Kohler sanitaryware throughout. Some of the larger homes also offer private studies, separate lounges and entertainers’ patios, and in certain apartments, you’ll even fi nd private elevators. This all points to the City Centre’s ethos: there’s no compromise on your own privacy, or the sense of space, just because you’re living in a more compact home. In fact, given that residents have a 300m lagoon and a 2,000-acre parkland right on their doorstep, they enjoy everything they would in a freestanding home – minus the maintenance.

The design of the development itself is also remarkable. Breaking with tradition, which favours tall monoliths, the City Centre’s homes have been built as small, intimate villages, each surrounding a treed piazza which, as the development matures, will be fi lled with green trees and lined with bustling coffee shops. The passages, free from stairwells and services, are another marked departure from the norm, as is the 2,000-car super-basement, which features greenery and architectural cutaways to make it as far as possible from the dark, cramped spaces we usually associate with parking garages. And then, there’s the added fact that coming back home means that the summer vibe continues. The 300m lagoon on the doorstep of City Centre is the next best thing to a week at the coast, offering as it does a range of water-based activities, from waterslides to kayaking and stand-up paddle (SUP) boarding.

Plus, there’s a range of amenities that residents can enjoy at Steyn City. Whatever your interest, you’ll fi nd a way to explore it – from golfing to dining out; from horse-riding to triathlons. And, to put the fun into family time, the parkland is dotted with children’s play nodes. Steyn City aims to cater for residents’ changing needs and, with this in mind, has introduced a range of new services. For example, the Ultimate Helistop, which started operations in 2021, makes it possible to reach your next destination in minutes, while recently, the development introduced a new point-to-point chauffeur service for residents wishing to leave the parkland in a highly secure and reliable manner. For those who wish to explore the possibilities of this enviable lifestyle, but aren’t sure of making a long-term commitment, the City Centre’s recently introduced rental offering is the ideal answer: choose from a selection of one-, two-, three- and four-bedroomed homes, with an ease of a minimum of 12 months. Rentals are priced from R15,000 per month. The rental option is also an excellent one for corporates, who need to provide a base for employees while they’re travelling to Africa’s business hub. The City Centre is all about living life on your terms. And what could be more luxurious than that? City Centre, where every day is extraordinary.



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