Sublime Sushi

Create your own tasty fish dishes at home



1. Place the bamboo rolling mat on a cutting board so the bamboo strips are running horizontally to you. Spread a strip of plastic wrap over the bamboo mat. Then place a sheet (or a half sheet) of nori on the plastic wrap.

2. Spread a thin layer of sushi rice over the nori. Don’t use too much rice. With a little practice, you’ll get a feel for how much rice to use. Leave a small space at the top edge of the nori so you can seal up the roll. (Tip: Wet your fingers as you spread the sticky sushi rice over the nori.)

3. Add your ingredients toward the centre of the rice-covered nori. Don’t overpack it. If you’re making a roll with the rice on the outside, simply turn the nori over, placing it rice-side down on the rolling mat. Then add your ingredients to the top of the nori.

4. Gently lift the bottom of the mat up and over the sushi. Press and shape the ingredients into a tube. Roll with pressure so you get a firm roll.

5. Roll until just an inch of nori shows at the top. Seal the edge of the nori with a little cold water. Firm it up by squeezing the mat around the roll until it feels uniformly snug.

6. Slice the sushi roll in half with a sharp knife on a cutting board, then cut each half into thirds so you have six pieces of sushi. To get a nice clean cut, wet the knife with water each time you slice.

7. Line up the slices of sushi on platters and enjoy with soy sauce, wasabi and pickled ginger.


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